Regarding COVID-19, it’s extremely important for us to share with you, what we’re doing at Nostalgia Cases to keep both our staff + our customers safe.

As an "online retail" business we are currently still operational, based on the UK government guidelines. If at any point the guidelines change and we need to close down, or should we need to close due to staff illness, we will mark all items on our site as out of stock and no orders will then be possible. As such, if you are able to add items to your basket, this is confirmation that we are operational. We will also keep this page up to date should any changes occur.

Our production plant is being disinfected diligently and we are taking extra steps to ensure items and surfaces are being thoroughly sanitised. We are washing our hands regularly, avoiding touching our faces and ensuring we maintain 2 metres distance from one another.

If you've any questions at all, please feel free to get in touch and we'll be happy to answer them for you.

I wish you and your loved ones very good health and hope that you do not find this extremely trying time too stressful.

Mark Boyd
Founder, Nostalgia Cases